Live TV Launch Video

Live TV Launch Video

by Hrant Papazian
October 30, 2010

Although now three weeks ago so no longer «news», the live launch of on Horizon TV in Los Angeles remains a fond memory, so we decided to translate, subtitle and publish the segment for anybody with 12 minutes of spare time…


  1. Bendy says:

    Terrific! :)

  2. Thanks for posting this video in Armenian with English subtitles. Refreshed my memory of Armenian and learned a new word: ‹gaikeche› (website).

  3. iprefersydney says:

    You do it ALL to have ATypI in Armenia… hehehe

  4. We’re upping the ante for becoming an ATypI host city, baby! ;-)

  5. Hey guys, fantastic! Congrats! This is really exciting and getting me interested in Armenian type, I’ve never seen it before. All the best!

  6. ashot mkhoyan says:

    veri good armenian font saiտ եւ ոչ մի հայերեն բառ
    հրաշալի է:)

  7. Please wait a few days and we’ll have our first –of hopefully many– bilingual articles (in Eastern Armenian no less :-). BTW, if you would like to write one yourself we’d be more than happy to host it (and I’ll translate it if needed).

    But in any case, remember: as I said in the TV interview this site is mostly to show non-Armenians the glory of our alphabet. We’re already believers. :-)


  8. As promised…

    (And check out Nina’s sharp & shiny language-switching design/coding!)


  9. 1coupling says:


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