. is brought to you by Hrant Papazian (concept)
and Nina Stössinger (design & development).

The site is powered by WordPress, and the design is based on a theme
from Viva Themes; it
has however been customized rather extensively.

Fonts, in this first incarnation of, are system fonts. With
options still being quite limited in this field, Armenian text will likely be
rendered with the OS defaults: Sylfaen on Windows, Mshtakan on MacOS.

Website graphics currently feature the following fonts:

  • Logo: Ernestine&Vem (Nina Stössinger & Hrant Papazian)
  • Menu graphics: Mana-11 Bold, tracked (Hrant Papazian)
  • Background image: Nour, and Vem (Hrant Papazian)

Site launched in a first version on October 9, 2010 (Yerevan time).
It will continue to grow and be expanded; to help us make the site
the best we can please notify us of any bugs or problems – thank you.